The PW-TELEMAN code has officially been released during an international symposium in September 2014.

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About PW-Teleman

The PW-TELEMAN project aims at developing an open source (under GPL3) and easy accessible package of real-time TDDFT libraries and codes, based on programs developed over the past 15 years in a Toulouse-Erlangen collaboration which spread to Le Mans and China via former students. At the time being no available code truly accounts for a complete non-adiabatic electron-ions coupling allowing a full follow-up of a whole dynamical scenario from early excitation (fs or sub-fs) to long time response (ps) of a given physical system. To the best of our knowledge, the Toulouse-Erlangen package is the single one allowing such an investigation in a fully time-resolved manner. Still this package requires a strong effort of standardization and documentation and in order to make it more efficient and usable by external groups. More optimization is highly desirable to exploit the latest computer technology such as GPGPU and so to access the much more demanding tasks in organic molecules. It is the goal of the project to succeed in these two complementing directions.

The variety of potential applications is obvious. We mention in particular the very practical aspects concerning irradiation of biological molecules and radiation damage in materials. The plan is to develop our project in two complementing directions: first, implementation and tests of formal developments such as approximations to TDSIC/OEP methods, coupled with an exploration of various dynamical scenarios of increasing complexity (requiring ongoing optimization), starting with free molecules and clusters, turning to systems such as a chromophore cluster embedded in a matrix, ending with a coupled quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics hierarchical modeling of a biophysical problem made possible due to the expected increase in numerical performance and on the other hand standardization, documentation, and publication of a toolbox of routines which will be easily usable by other groups.

Code repository

You may browse the PW-Teleman code repository from gitlab (user+password on demand ).